Professional Portfolio – Finished Portfolio/Feedback

I am pleased with how my professional portfolio has turned out. Squarespace was really easy to use and I was able to get a clean looking design that would fit in amongst the websites of other film directors.

I have kept the website very simple, with only a few pages to navigate through, making it very easy for people using to check out my work and find out how to contact me, which they can also do directly through the website.

The first page users see when they visit the site is a cover page which quickly tells you who the site belongs to and that this person is a director. Its a nice introduction to the site and it gives it that extra touch. It has a couple of behind the scenes stills that rotate between each other, which gives people a look at me in action straight off the bat. After that, the rest of the website is clean looking, simple and to the point. There aren’t long pieces of text to read through, the about section is very brief which keeps in fitting with the ethos of the whole site, and my work and points of contact are clear and easy to locate.

I sent the link to my site to one of my professional contacts, Ross Hammond, so I could get some feedback. I felt that Ross would be a good person to send it to as he works as a graphic designer for a marketing company, so that puts him in a good position to say whether the site is professional hand would have the desired impact on people visiting.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 20.18.56As you can see in the screenshot from the out email discussion, Ross feels as though the site works well as a professional portfolio, stylistically and practically, but has suggested more imagery could be used to give a better look into the processes of the filmmaking. This is something I agree with, but at the moment I simply do not have enough behind the scenes footage form the work I have done, which is something I need to think about when carrying out future projects.

Overall I am really happy with the portfolio, and I feel as though It suits its purpose perfectly. My only worry about the site, and something I am going to put some thought into, is the uniqueness of it, or the lack of. Although the work and info is about me, of which there is only one of in the world, the style and presentation is very similar to other professional portfolios out there. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it would be good, potentially when I have more work under my belt, to come up with a more creative way to show it off, perhaps with just a film, or at least some sort of creative experience rather than just a normal website. However, this is not of the upmost importance just yet, and for the foreseeable future I think the portfolio as it is is more than suitable.

You can view the finished portfolio here:


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